this is Nigel. he’s my robot and myrobot toy sister bought him for me for Christmas a few years back. he’s quite a simple robot – he doesn’t want for much, apart from being wound up every now and then, at which point he wanders round for a bit, before descending into another bout of listlessness. he doesn’t talk much either, in fact i don’t think i’ve ever heard him say anything. he just sort of stands there on my shelf most of the time, looking down at me from the top of my pile of DVDs. he’s great though, whenever i need him he’s always there. nice and reliable. i think the time might be right though for Nigel to see some of the world, as all he’s seen so far is the two bedrooms i’ve lived in since he was given to me. it’s time to show Nigel what he’s missing out on. the adventure starts here, young Nige.