continuing the snowy, roboty theme for day six of our robot invasion advent calendar, and this time i’ve turned once again to an artist i found on deviantart, a guy called Corn-Muffin…

merry christmas lemaffin

he gives a bit of background to the picture in his blurb which i’ll repeat here…

  • how does the robot not freeze or rust? Well..err..*shakes magic 8 ball* try..again..later..
  • is the robot her pet? I think they’re friends, really. It makes more sense to me at least.
  • where are they? I don’t know. In the Netherlands, perhaps?
  • Who is recieving the gift? The robot. He has the ribbon hooked around his finger. (hint hint, he’s OPENING it)
  • what’d she get him? An oil can.

sorry for the lack of wanton robot destruction, but this picture just struck a chord that i couldn’t resist <emo>

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