snow! finally, snow in Bristol! well… to be more accurate, there’s a bit of snow in some bits of Bristol. for some strange reason, mother nature has decided to sprinkle only selected parts of the city with a smattering of snow, but in commemoration of this joyful day, i’m going to present you with *yet another* picture of a robot in the snow. i promise i’ll put up something a bit more christmassy as the month goes on, but for now, i’m following the lead of the rest of the country in going snow mad. this picture is from deviantart again, an artist called n8package. it’s called New Best Friends. click the picture for the full size version!

new best friends

i didn’t notice him at first, but there’s a little guy just in front of the robot, completely stoked with his new friend! the little bunny rabbit is pretty cute too. hope you like day seven!

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