ok, so as i said in yesterday’s calendar entry, i woke up to find snow everywhere! unfortunately, the sun deigned to shine its rays all over that snow, meaning that by mid afternoon, the hills were back to their normal non-snowy hue and only select sun-shielded pockets near me survived to tell their Winter’s Tale. luckily, shortly after sweeping and gritting the driveway, i managed to make it out with Nigel for a bit of fun in the snow…

snow christmas robot

it was great! that is, until Nigel got stuck in a snowdrift…

christmas snowdrift robot

anyway… an excellent time was had by all! apart from Nigel maybe, who took an hour or so to unfreeze 😦 click on the photos for the big versions, as usual! hope you enjoyed day 19, we’re into the final week!

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