i guess before i start this blog, i should write a little about myself so that future readers (if there are any, i’d hate to be too presumptuous) can look back and see who wrote it, and why they’re reading it.

first of all, i’m ted, a boy/man from bristol (uk) who is in the process of trying to break his debilitating internet addiction. i know, i know… if i’m trying to break an internet addiction, why the fuck am i starting a blog? well i suppose this is an attempt to chart my progress as i ween myself off message boards, halt my endless wikipedia sessions and drastically cut down on the daily chore of ‘checking my internets’.

hopefully, this blog will mostly be a series of posts about my bid to re-engage with my love of the english language. i’ll try and keep you updated on books i’m reading, occasional ‘word of the day’ posts, thoughts about grammar and the way we use it, and other perhaps more banal offerings from my day to day life. this may variably include anything from the latest sci-fi book i’ve read, to telling you about my day out at the football. the world is my oyster, and if nothing else, this will at least be a decent way of remembering what i’ve been doing with myself when i look back on my wasted life a few years down the line…

note: as the more grammatically pedantic among you may have noticed, i don’t use capital letters. please rest assured that this isn’t due to ignorance on my part, but merely an affectation borne through years and years of posting on internet message boards to save time. call it laziness if you like, but i prefer to refer to it a little more kindly as ‘house style’

anyway, that’s enough from me… i hope you enjoy the blog!