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ok, so as i said in yesterday’s calendar entry, i woke up to find snow everywhere! unfortunately, the sun deigned to shine its rays all over that snow, meaning that by mid afternoon, the hills were back to their normal non-snowy hue and only select sun-shielded pockets near me survived to tell their Winter’s Tale. luckily, shortly after sweeping and gritting the driveway, i managed to make it out with Nigel for a bit of fun in the snow…

snow christmas robot

it was great! that is, until Nigel got stuck in a snowdrift…

christmas snowdrift robot

anyway… an excellent time was had by all! apart from Nigel maybe, who took an hour or so to unfreeze 😦 click on the photos for the big versions, as usual! hope you enjoyed day 19, we’re into the final week!

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i don’t actually have a clue where this picture came from. i seem to remember from when i found it, that it was done for an art competition entitled ‘Christmas in Space’, but whether this was a large scale competition or not, i don’t know. i’d like to think the picture won a prize, but again, without knowing the providence of the piece, i can’t tell that either. all i do know is that there’s something quite lovely about it. the ambiguity of the robot’s gesture is quite touching. is he merely waving at santa or is he reaching out a longing arm, while he shares a modest christmas with his cat and a sparsely decorated spaceship? a part of me thinks the picture is quite sad in a way. i hope the robot got a present.

christmas in space

as usual, click the picture for the full sized version.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8.

do robots belong in pubs?

just chilling in the pub with me and Alice and Nige. Nige didn’t finish his pint, the soft twat. we went to the Wellington in Horfield, who do a good range of beers, though criminally they serve the tasty but weak bounders cider rather than something decent like ashton or stowford press. boo. still, good time was had by everyone. ta to Alice for the fish and chips. and congrats on her new job!
robot... in the pub

took Nigel out for the day, we found a house for my friend and then caught the bus home. got a seat at the front on the top deck, which is extra cool because then you can pretend that you’re driving the bus! oh, and i got an 80% on my first essay of my 3rd year (after 5 years out). it was a good day!
He's Nigel, and he's a robot.

Introducing Nigel

this is Nigel. he’s my robot and myrobot toy sister bought him for me for Christmas a few years back. he’s quite a simple robot – he doesn’t want for much, apart from being wound up every now and then, at which point he wanders round for a bit, before descending into another bout of listlessness. he doesn’t talk much either, in fact i don’t think i’ve ever heard him say anything. he just sort of stands there on my shelf most of the time, looking down at me from the top of my pile of DVDs. he’s great though, whenever i need him he’s always there. nice and reliable. i think the time might be right though for Nigel to see some of the world, as all he’s seen so far is the two bedrooms i’ve lived in since he was given to me. it’s time to show Nigel what he’s missing out on. the adventure starts here, young Nige.

the robots are coming!

uh oh…