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right, i’d better do a proper blurb today, what with my pitiful offering yesterday. the only excuse i can offer is that i had been out the night before, and i was in a bit of a rush to get the picture for the 14th sorted before i hotfooted it off to work. still, somewhat ironically, yesterday managed to be the busiest day on my blog ever! so maybe i should just quit talking crap and get on with posting stupid pictures… this is the 15th day of my robot invasion advent calendar, and it’s time to get your christmas tree up soon, if you haven’t already. joyeux noel!

xmas tree robot

speaking of which, i could do with Nigel giving me a hand with ours. now where did he get to?

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day 14… it’s Decepticon santa!

decepticon santa

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we’re over halfway! you might think that by now i’d be struggling to find cool, funky, stylish, festive robot pics for you. well, you’d be wrong! i’ve got plenty more lined up, including a couple of specially drawn ones that i’ve had/am having drawn for me, along with a guest appearance from a certain Nigel whom you may have heard of… so make sure you keep your eyes peeled, as i reveal them closer to christmas! onto today’s bot, and hold onto your hats, because we’ve got a giant robot santa come to tear us apart! luckily, i think the real santa may have something to say about it, as he makes an appearance later on in the calendar…

robot santa


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hello there! day 12 of the robot invasion advent calendar, and this one’s a special one i think. it’s called Christmas Delivery by yet another artist from deviantart called splif…

christmas delivery

the description from the artist goes like this, “Santa Claus sometimes looses one gift or another while riding his sled…” and you can see that a parcel has dropped into the tree and burst open, giving the little girl a few extra christmas presents this year! everything about this picture is fantastic, from the ideas and concept, to the execution and style. it’s just a really really great picture. click the picture for the big version, as per usual.

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ps: exciting news by the way, i’ve got a couple of custom robots in the pipeline that i’ve had people draw for me. keep a look out for them coming up sometime before christmas!

still cold… still lonely…

seasons change

another deviantart offering today (yes, yes, i know, i didn’t look particularly far for some of my pictures!) from an artist called neilakoga. the picture’s called season’s change, and it’s a re-imagining of a picture by the artist called i will grow you a new home. it’s a gorgeous piece of artwork, both technically and emotionally. what a great robot.

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day 10, and it’s time for another installment of the robot invasion advent calendar. this time we see a giant robot trying – and failing – to grasp what christmas trees are all about…

christmas tree robot

this is another pic from deviantart, created by an artist called Moragot. apparently, the story is “the robot doesn’t understand the concept of the Christmas tree, and just computes that lights + tree + star on top = Christmas.  at the end, the girl appreciates it anyways”. i think it’s cute, though i’m not sure how long this relationship is going to last. click the pic for a bigger version!

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i don’t actually have a clue where this picture came from. i seem to remember from when i found it, that it was done for an art competition entitled ‘Christmas in Space’, but whether this was a large scale competition or not, i don’t know. i’d like to think the picture won a prize, but again, without knowing the providence of the piece, i can’t tell that either. all i do know is that there’s something quite lovely about it. the ambiguity of the robot’s gesture is quite touching. is he merely waving at santa or is he reaching out a longing arm, while he shares a modest christmas with his cat and a sparsely decorated spaceship? a part of me thinks the picture is quite sad in a way. i hope the robot got a present.

christmas in space

as usual, click the picture for the full sized version.

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it’s minus five tonight, and luckily i’m tucked up in bed under a nice thick duvet with a warm heater blowing. what could be more comforting? well, i’ll tell you what could be more comforting, sitting in front of an open fire with R2-D2, C3-PO and Santa!

christmas in the stars

you can imagine that all kinds of what the hell were going through my head when i first stumbled across this picture on my travels across the internet. apparently it’s the front cover of a 1980 album called Christmas in the Stars, which features a whole load of Star Wars themed songs about a factory where droids build toys all year long for santa. it also features the very first recording of Jon Bon Jovi on the track R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas. there’s all sorts of info knocking around on the wikipedia page about the album too, if you’re interested. anyway, hope that advent window number eight is to your liking! until tomorrow…

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snow! finally, snow in Bristol! well… to be more accurate, there’s a bit of snow in some bits of Bristol. for some strange reason, mother nature has decided to sprinkle only selected parts of the city with a smattering of snow, but in commemoration of this joyful day, i’m going to present you with *yet another* picture of a robot in the snow. i promise i’ll put up something a bit more christmassy as the month goes on, but for now, i’m following the lead of the rest of the country in going snow mad. this picture is from deviantart again, an artist called n8package. it’s called New Best Friends. click the picture for the full size version!

new best friends

i didn’t notice him at first, but there’s a little guy just in front of the robot, completely stoked with his new friend! the little bunny rabbit is pretty cute too. hope you like day seven!

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continuing the snowy, roboty theme for day six of our robot invasion advent calendar, and this time i’ve turned once again to an artist i found on deviantart, a guy called Corn-Muffin…

merry christmas lemaffin

he gives a bit of background to the picture in his blurb which i’ll repeat here…

  • how does the robot not freeze or rust? Well..err..*shakes magic 8 ball* try..again..later..
  • is the robot her pet? I think they’re friends, really. It makes more sense to me at least.
  • where are they? I don’t know. In the Netherlands, perhaps?
  • Who is recieving the gift? The robot. He has the ribbon hooked around his finger. (hint hint, he’s OPENING it)
  • what’d she get him? An oil can.

sorry for the lack of wanton robot destruction, but this picture just struck a chord that i couldn’t resist <emo>

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