my first thought when i heard this, was ‘oh my god, this is the most awesome news i’ve had all year’ (you can tell it’s been a rubbish year for me so far). the second thought i had, was ‘this could be really really shit’. of course, my third thought, was ‘who cares, this is going to be the best thing to happen in ages!’. as you might be able to tell, i’m pretty damn happy that one of my favourite cult films ever – Tron – is getting a sequel only 28 years after the original came out, in the form of Tron Legacy. you can watch the trailer if you click this link here!

i can’t remember when i first got to watch the film, but seeing as it was released a year before i was born, i’m guessing it was on tv at some point in the late ’80s.  for years it was one of those films that were just a vague memory from my childhood, i couldn’t remember the name of the film, and i could barely remember what happened in it, apart from the super cool bike chase sequences and the laser frisbee fights. it was only years later when trying to describe this obscure film from my childhood to a flatmate at uni (after years of baffling anyone i mentioned it to), that they said casually, ‘oh, you mean Tron, yeah, it’s ok’. finally after all these years, i could actually go into a shop and seek out this lost film from my childhood. a similar story surrounds my quest to find Krull, after years of wondering what the hell that awesome film i saw in 1988 was, with only the flimsiest of details to describe it to blank-faced friends.

anyway… onto Tron Legacy. the good news is that they’re retaining some of the characters and actors from the original, with Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles as Flynn and Tron, although the setting comes over 20 years into the future of the original, as Flynn’s now grown-up son discovers the computer system his father disappeared into years earlier. the film even has John Hurt and Michael Sheen making appearances, and as if the film couldn’t get any better, Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack, and rumoured to be performing cameos in the film itself. from the trailer, it looks like the futuristic, electro-neon feel of the original film has been maintained, with the now dated (though advanced for 1982) special effects given a makeover for the year 2010. it’s too early to be making predictions or reviews at this point, but with the news that Tron Legacy will be presented in 3D digital and Imax 3D, i’m fairly sure that it’s going to be a massive hit, and i actually can’t wait until its december release date, later this year.