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i don’t actually have a clue where this picture came from. i seem to remember from when i found it, that it was done for an art competition entitled ‘Christmas in Space’, but whether this was a large scale competition or not, i don’t know. i’d like to think the picture won a prize, but again, without knowing the providence of the piece, i can’t tell that either. all i do know is that there’s something quite lovely about it. the ambiguity of the robot’s gesture is quite touching. is he merely waving at santa or is he reaching out a longing arm, while he shares a modest christmas with his cat and a sparsely decorated spaceship? a part of me thinks the picture is quite sad in a way. i hope the robot got a present.

christmas in space

as usual, click the picture for the full sized version.

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it’s minus five tonight, and luckily i’m tucked up in bed under a nice thick duvet with a warm heater blowing. what could be more comforting? well, i’ll tell you what could be more comforting, sitting in front of an open fire with R2-D2, C3-PO and Santa!

christmas in the stars

you can imagine that all kinds of what the hell were going through my head when i first stumbled across this picture on my travels across the internet. apparently it’s the front cover of a 1980 album called Christmas in the Stars, which features a whole load of Star Wars themed songs about a factory where droids build toys all year long for santa. it also features the very first recording of Jon Bon Jovi on the track R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas. there’s all sorts of info knocking around on the wikipedia page about the album too, if you’re interested. anyway, hope that advent window number eight is to your liking! until tomorrow…

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7.

everybody needs good androids

androids, everybody needs good androids,
androids, should be good and should be true,
androids, though we’re only made of metal
androids, have feelings,
androids, have feelings,
androids, have feelings too…

i love robots, and of course by extension, androids too. anyone who likes Red Dwarf will probably recognise where the above lyrics come from, and that program was just one of the many tv shows, films or books that use androids, robots or computers as central characters. as a sci-fi fan, you’re hard pressed to find a piece that doesn’t utilise some kind of artificial intelligence, but what i want to know, is why the hell do robots rock so much?

the beauty of sci-fi, is that it opens up whole other worlds (both literally and figuratively) that you can’t experience in standard fiction. artificial intelligence is something that has always been seen as an almost unattainable dream in the real world, and as such, sci-fi enables us to explore the ends of our imagination, or conversely, experiences much closer to home. robots are one of those things where you can really stretch those boundaries. you want a robot who acts, looks and thinks like a human? look no further than Super-Toys Last All Summer Long (later adapted for the film A.I.) by Brian Aldiss. how about self aware robots who long to be human, the so-called ‘Pinocchio trope’? just look at Star Trek‘s Data, or Andrew in Asimov’s The Bicentennial Man. let’s look at the other end of the spectrum… for robots that shoots bullets out of their hands, see the T-X in Terminator 3 or ED-209 from RoboCop. we’ve even got robot planets that swallow other planets in Unicron from Transformers: The Movie, or Minds capable of caretaking entire orbitals in Iain M. Banks’ Culture series. robots can pretty much do anything we want them to in fiction (if not in real life… yet) and this makes them superior in many way to organics, who are necessarily restricted by the limitations of the human (or alien) body. what many novels/films etc then tend to explore is whether this technological superiority is a worthwhile trade off for the loss of the human spirit, or often how these artificial intelligences can lead to further exploration of what makes us uniquely human.

luckily for people like me, for every robot desperately seeking to discover the secret to humanity, there’s another one who’s gone crazy and is hellbent on killing as many humans, with as big an armory of weapons, as possible. because in the same way that androids are infatuated with humanity, sci-fi fans like me are fascinated with everything about robots that is different to us, whether it’s their vast intelligence (see Deep Thought in hhgttg), their massive guns (ED-209), or their psychotic tendencies (HAL 9000). just for robot’s sheer awesomeness, i salute them, and in the event that robots do ever take over the earth one day, i hope that this blog survives long enough for them to read it as i pledge my unending loyalty to our new cyborg overlords.

ps: watch out for an occasional robot of the day series!