my friend Stagger Lee has a blog. a blog about music. and on this blog, he often posts up music mixes he’s made, from his vast (and i really do mean vast) music collection, so when he offered to make me a whole mix of robot themed music, i couldn’t really turn him down, could i? last night, i got a message from him, with the anticipated link to his robo-mix, and he’s done an absolutely blinding job. i was desperately trying to rack my brains for what kind of music he would put in, and i’m pleased to say that none of the clichéd bobbins i thought of got included, and instead i got one of the most eclectic and coolest mixes i ever did have the pleasure of listening to. so anyway, enough of my chattering. here is the track listing and link…

Ted’s Robot Mix (75mins, 192kbps, 103mbs) Click me to download!

1. Kraftwerk – Die Roboterdancing robot
2. Princess Superstar – Do It Like A Robot
3. Disrupt – Robot Tracker
4. The Juan Maclean – I Robot
5. Senor Coconut – The Robots
6.  The Prodigy – Android
7. Jesper Dehlbeck – Robot Dance
8. Ten Benson – Robot Tourist
9. Add N To X – Robot New York
10. Man Or Astroman –  Cyborg Control
11. Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
12. FC Kahuna – Machine Says Yes
13. Hawkwind – Spirit Of The Age
14. Crawling Chaos – Sex Machine
15. Techno Animal – Cyborg Dread
16. Balanescu Quartet – Robots

check his blog post about it at Speakers Push Air