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ho ho ho! it’s that time again! we still seem to be covered in snow at the moment, though it’s debateable how much longer the slush and mud is going to be fun… the robot invasion advent calendar soldiers on, nonetheless, and today as we near the end of our festive robot odyssey, we get wished a very happy christmas by Optimus Prime himself! well i’ll be damned…

santimus prime

only a couple more days to go, (with a best of the rest feature on boxing day, if you’re lucky), so make sure you spread the word of the robot invasion! catch up on any days you’ve missed too, by clicking on the links below!

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day 14… it’s Decepticon santa!

decepticon santa

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13.

Hot Rod was always my favourite transformer. when i was growing up, my two brothers had huuuuuge collections of transformers toys, with one collecting autobots and the other collecting decepticons. all i was left with was a couple of small crappy toys that had sparks fly out of the back of them as you dragged them across the floor (which were obviously pretty cool, but nowhere near as cool as massive robot toys that turned into guns, sports cars and fighter planes). unfortunately, when transformers was still being published by marvel comics, i was just a little too young to be getting into them, so all my memories come from the toys and the 1986 animated transformers movie, which i somehow managed to procure a pirate copy of at the age of 7.

i’ll probably alienate most of the people reading this now, but i always thought Optimus Prime was a bit of a dick. i mean, for a start, he just turned into a big truck. Galvatron/Megatron turned into massive guns! and ┬áHot Rod’s sports car was infinitely more kickass than either Prime or Ultra Magnus’ freight trucks. added to this, Prime was killed by being chucked over a cliff by Megatron and proceeded to hand leadership over to the biggest pussy on the autobot side. it was only once Hot Rod came to the rescue and relieved Ultra Magnus of his duties that everyone was saved from being screwed over by the planet eating robot, Unicron.

apparently, one of his catchphrases was “action is my middle name”, which is pretty cool, as long as you forget that another one was the slightly more rubbish “wisdom will always defeat firepower”. like most transformers, he could fire lasers out of his arms, but he also had a retractable saw blade in his arm , which let’s face it, pisses all over anything Ultra Magnus or Optimus Prime had. in fact, the only downside to his whole character, was when he had to take on the crappy name of Rodimus Prime, upon taking over leadership of the autobots. but then again, i guess crappy names kind of go with that job.